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What Are the Causes and Effects of E-pollution? - Environmental Studies

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Answer in Brief

What are the causes and effects of E-pollution?

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1. The main cause or rather reason for the increasing e waste is the increased number of products (because of development, technology, human mentality and population) because of which disposal problems are caused as excess of anything is not good. the following are major causesa.

 A . Growth of Technological Devices
One reason e-waste is occurring is because the growth of technological devices. In the modern era, technology is growing at a lightning fast speed which may result in new products coming out more frequently. This causes people to discard their old computers more frequently and let that waste build up. In developed countries, computers have an average life span of about two years. And that’s only in developed countries where their lives are not very good. In developed countries like the United States, there are more than three hundred million obsolete computers. And since the use of computers is quickly rising because of globalization, more and more computers and other devices are being thrown out every year.
B. Growth of Population

Another reason e-waste is occurring is because of the growth of population. With everyone buying computers now a days, it is reasonable to believe that since the population is increasing it is reasonable to believe that more people are buying computers which means that more people are throwing them out. Not only is this creating it's own problem, but it is intensifying the other problems that are causing ewaste. And since the people in middle and higher class are always ready to buy the brand "new cool product", the e-waste rate is going up and that is making the problem bigger and e-waste being more dangerous.
C. Human Mentality
And the last reason e-waste is occurring is because of human mentality. Since everybody
is getting smarter are getting better jobs, more people are getting wealthier. This money
is usually used to either pay taxes or to improve their lives with new technology. And
computers and other electronics are usually mentioned when talking about this. And with
new products always coming out and more people getting more money, it is reasonable
to say that more people are buying new computers. And therefore throwing out their old
ones at a faster rate. Hopefully human mentality will save us from this problem to.
When we throw out our computers, they wind up in landfills, causing the possibility of
toxic metal leaching into the groundwater. Toxic metals in e-waste leach into our supply
of resources, threatening their integrity. When e-waste is warmed up, toxic chemicals are
released in to the air, damaging the atmosphere. E-waste management is a critical
consideration for future generations as proper electronic recycling is becoming harder to

Concept: Definition, Sources and Effects of E-Pollution
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