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What Are Alloys? Name an Important Alloy Which Contains Some of The Lanthanoid Metals. Mention Its Uses. - Chemistry

What are alloys? Name an important alloy which contains some of the lanthanoid metals. Mention its uses.

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Solution 1

An alloy is a solid solution of two or more elements in a metallic matrix. It can either be a partial solid solution or a complete solid solution. Alloys are usually found to possess different physical properties than those of the component elements.

An important alloy of lanthanoids is Mischmetal. It contains lanthanoids (94−95%), iron (5%), and traces of S, C, Si, Ca, and Al.


(1) Mischmetal is used in cigarettes and gas lighters.

(2) It is used in flame throwing tanks.

(3) It is used in tracer bullets and shells.

Solution 2

An alloy is a homogeneous mixture of two or more metals and non-metals. An important alloy containing lanthanoid metals is misch metal which contains 95% lanthanoid metals (Ce, La and Nd) and 5% iron along with traces of S, C, Ca and Al. It is used in making parts of jet engines.

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NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 8 The d-block and f-block Elements
Q 27 | Page 235
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