What Are the Advantages of Sexual Reproduction Over Asexual Reproduction? - Science

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What are the advantages of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction?

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Solution 1

Advantages of sexual reproduction:

  •  In sexual reproduction, more variations are produced. Thus, it ensures survival of species in a population.
  •  The new formed individual has characteristics of both the parents.
  • Variations are more viable in sexual mode than in asexual one. This is because in asexual reproduction, DNA has to function inside the inherited cellular apparatus.

Solution 2

  • Sexual reproduction plays an important role in the origin of new species having different characteristics, which is not possible in the case of asexual reproduction.
  • Sexual reproduction produces genetic variations, which produces diversity of characters whereas it is not possible in asexual reproduction.
Concept: Sexual Reproduction in Animals
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Chapter 8: How do Organisms Reproduce? - Exercises [Page 141]


NCERT Class 10 Science
Chapter 8 How do Organisms Reproduce?
Exercises | Q 4 | Page 141

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