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What Are the Advantages of Green Structure. - Environmental Studies

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Answer in Brief

What are the advantages of green structure.

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1- Cost: The construction costs are the same as a standard building and sometime
they cost a little bit more as they require special materials to be built. However,
a regular building costs won’t stop after its construction since money will
always be spent on maintenance, renovation, operation or even demolition.
This doesn’t mean that green buildings won’t need maintenance, renovation,
operation or even demolition as well, but being built of natural resources all
that re-doing stuff will take ages till done as they are not damaged that fast
hence, investing in green building is 10 times more profitable than standard
2- Efficiency: This here is divided to the following:-
A- Water efficiency: Green buildings don’t know the meaning of “wasted”, they
recycle rain water and grey water and use them for toilet flushing for instance.

B- Energy Efficiency: These buildings save energy more than those built out of bricks.
They only depend on all renewable energy resources such solar power, hydro-power
and wind power which are used for heat and electricity and help improve the indoor
air quality.
C- Material Efficiency: Green buildings are built from natural, non-toxic and recycled
materials that don’t cost much and Eco-friendly such as bamboo, straw, recycled
metal or concrete etc.
3- Preserving infrastructure: Being efficient in both energy and water supply, these
buildings stretch the capacity of local infrastructure greatly.

Concept: Concept of Green Buildings
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