What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a solar cooker? Are there places where solar cookers would have limited utility? - Science


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a solar cooker? Are there places where solar cookers would have limited utility?


Solution 1

Solar cooker uses Sun’s energy to heat and cook food. It is inexhaustible and clean renewable source of energy. It is free for all and available in unlimited amount. Hence, operating a solar cooker is not expensive.
Disadvantage of a solar cooker is that it is very expensive. It does not work without sunlight. Hence, on cloudy day, it becomes useless.
The places where the days are too short or places with cloud covers round the year, have limited utility for solar cooker.

Solution 2

The advantages of using a solar cooker are as follows.
       a) It does not require fuels such as coal, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
       b) It does not produce harmful smoke that pollutes the air.
       c) It does not spoil the nutrients in food.
       d) It allows for the preparation of more than one item at a time.

The disadvantages of using a solar cooker are as follows.
       a) It cannot be used to cook food at night.
       b) A cloudy sky affects its working.
       c) The direction of the reflector has to be changed from time to time.
       d) It cannot be used for baking.

Concept: Solar Energy
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Chapter 3: Sources of Energy - Exercise 3 [Page 141]


Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 3 Sources of Energy
Exercise 3 | Q 19 | Page 141
NCERT Science Class 10
Chapter 14 Sources of Energy
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Why is the copper tube of a solar water heater painted black from outside? 

What is the range of temperature which can be achieved in a box-type solar cooker in two to three hours?

Name the device which converts sunlight into electricity.

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In order to make an efficient solar cooker, the cover of the cooker box should be made of:

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Name one source of energy which is not derived from solar energy directly of indirectly.

Which of the following is used in solar cooker to harvest the solar energy?
a) Solar panels
b) Silicon cell
c) Mirrors
d) Glass lid

Observe the connections of cells shown in the following images.
i. Which connection will give maximum potential difference?
ii. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of this energy.

Write short note on Electrical energy generation and environment. 

Re-write the statement by selecting the appropriate option.
The solar lamp uses the ................... energy.

Which of the following solar radiations pass through the atmosphere of Earth: X -rays, ultraviolet rays, visible light rays or infrared radiation?

What are the major utilizers of solar energy in the world?

Make a table based on forms of energy and corresponding devices:

  Forms of Energy Devices
a. Electric _________
b. Mechanical Sewing machine, Bicycle
c. Thermal __________
d. _________ Solar cooker, Solar heater

Solar photovoltaic cells convert the solar radiation energy directly into _________ energy.

A silicon solar cell of dimension 1 sq.cm. generates a current of about ___________.

A silicon solar cell of dimension 1 sq.cm. generates __________ potential difference.

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The power produced from solar cells is a DC.

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Solar reflectors are important, why?

State the importance of inverters.

Give scientific reason.

Hydropower, solar energy and wind energy are called renewable energy.

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Electricity generation from solar cells and solar thermal power generation

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Solar energy is a renewable energy. How?

______ is not harmful to the environment.

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The installed capacity of the Kamuthi solar power project is ______ MW.

Write a note on Kamuthi Solar Project.

Observe the figure and label it properly:

  1. What is the figure related to?
  2. Why are reflectors used?
  3. Draw a flow chart showing different stages in such a process.
  4. How is the process used to generate electricity?
  5. What other method can be used to generate electricity using the same energy source?


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