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What Are ‘3r Control Measures’? - Environmental Studies

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Answer in Brief

What are ‘3R control measures’?

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  • The more we can reduce (consumption), the less we will need to reuse and recycle. If
    we first reduce, then we spend less time, money and energy trying to reuse, recycle,
    control etc.
  • It takes resources to manufacture, transport, and dispose of products, so reduction
    minimizes the use of new resources. In terms of waste management, it is always the
    best option. Waste production is often due to the inefficient use of resources or bad


  • Reuse is the use of materials more than once in their original form instead of throwing them away after each use.
  • Reuse keeps new resources from being used for a while longer, and old resources from entering the waste stream. Initiatives include waste exchange, garage sales, quilting, travel mugs, composting (nutrients), laundry, repair, re-gift, and up-cycle.
  • Even, repairing of the non-working mechanical, electrical & electronic items/goods is to be done and reuse the same by enhancing/increasing its life/longevity. This also reduces the waste and proved to be economic too.


  • Recycling involves converting waste materials into new products, changing them from their original form by physical and chemical processes.
  • Although recycling uses energy, it helps to prevent new resources from being used and old materials from entering the waste stream.
Concept: Sources, Effects of Noise Pollution
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