What is Alliance Politics? How Has It Influenced the Indian Politics? - Political Science


What is alliance politics? How has it influenced the Indian politics?



Alliance politics is when a particular party joins another party and forms the government, keeping its own interests.

a) Beginning of an era of multi-party system as no single party could secure a clear majority.

b) Emergence of powerful parties groups and movements which represented Dalits and other backward classes.

c) The newly emerged groups played an important role in running the United Front Government of 1996.

d) BJP did not support the UF Government, but it was supported by Congress.

e) In 1989, left and BJP supported National Front Government to keep Congress out of power.

f) In 1996, the Left and Congress joined hands to keep the BJP out of power.

g) In the 1996 elections, the BJP emerged as the largest party and was united to form the government, but it failed to get the support of other parties to secure a majority in the Lok Sabhah

h) The BJP led a coalition government in 1999. From 1999 onwards, no government could be formed without the participation or support of regional parties.

Concept: Shifting Alliance in World Politics
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