"Water Scarcity May Be an Outcome of Large and Growing Population in India." Analyse the Statement. - Social Science

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"Water scarcity may be an outcome of large and growing population in India." Analyse the statement.



Water scarcity is indeed the outcome of a large and growing population. An increase in population puts a strain on resources including water. People living in an area require water for their various activities, and more the number of people more consumption. Furthermore, wastage and indiscriminate use of water have worsened the condition.
There is no substitute for potable water. The increasing population depletes groundwater and other water sources. An increase in population also augments speedier economic development, straining the water resources further. Areas with a high density of population, therefore, witnesses intense waters scarcity. At the time, such scarcity drives people to marginal areas, in turn draining water resources in such areas as well.

Concept: Concept of Water Scarcity
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