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Water is Pouring into a Cubiodal Reservoir at the Rate of 60 Litres per Minute. If the Volume of Reservoir is 108 M3, Find the Number of Hours It Will Take to Fill the Reservoir. - Mathematics

Water is pouring into a cubiodal reservoir at the rate of 60 litres per minute. If the volume of reservoir is 108 m3, find the number of hours it will take to fill the reservoir.

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Volume of cuboidal reservoir = 108 m3 = (108 × 1000) L = 108000 L

It is given that water is being poured at the rate of 60 L per minute.

That is, (60 × 60) L = 3600 L per hour

Required number of hours  = `108000/3600` = 30 hour

Thus, it will take 30 hours to fill the reservoir.

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NCERT Class 8 Maths Textbook
Chapter 11 Mensuration
Exercise 11.4 | Q 8 | Page 192
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