Water polluted by various human activities causes a number of water borne diseases. Which of the following is not a water borne disease? - Science


Water polluted by various human activities causes a number of water-borne diseases. Which of the following is not a waterborne disease?


  • Cholera

  • Typhoid

  • Asthma

  • Dysentry





Asthma is an airborne respiratory disease. It is caused due to an allergy to dust, pollen grains or any other allergen present in the air.

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Chapter 18: Wastewater Story - MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS [Page 93]


NCERT Exemplar Science Class 7
Chapter 18 Wastewater Story


Why do organisms need water?

Why is water essential for life?

Why is water very precious for all living being ?

Give balanced chemical equation for the reaction of water with Carbon dioxide.

What are the main causes of water pollution ? How can it be controlled ?

Use of excessive .................... by farmers causes water pollution.

Give one word  for the following statement:

The gaseous form of water found in air .

Give one word for the following statement:

A mixture of common salt and ice .

The ultimate source of all water on the earth is

Answer the following question:

What is the chemical composition of water ? Give its molecular formula.

Explain rain water harvesting.

How are clouds formed?

How is rain produced?

Answer the following question.
Suggest three ways to conserve water.

State whether the given statement are true or false. If true, write the reason.
Ganga−Brahmaputra plain of India is an overpopulated region.

State whether the given statement are true or false. If true, write the reason.
Water availability per person in India is declining.

How do fishes and aquatic animals survive when the pond gets covered with thick ice?

How is aquatic life benefited by the fact that water has maximum density at 4oC?

Henry's law

What are stalgmites and stalactites? How are they formed?

Fill in the blank

Of the total water available on the earth, fresh water forms ...... percent.

Why is it said that – Water is life?

Why is it said that – Seawater is useful even though it is not potable?

What will happen if – The total supply of potable water is finished?

True or false?

The water in a lake is called ground water.

Answer in your own words.

Why is there a shortage of water even though it occupies about 71% of the earth’s surface?

Give the importance of dissolved air – in water.

Give a balanced equation for the following conversion:

Sulphur dioxide to sulphurous acid using a neutral liquid.

State the meaning of the term ‘water pollution’. State how you would find out, the different sources of pollution of water bodies in the locality.

Fill in the blank:

The sample of hard water which lathers with soap after boiling and filtration contains _____.

Name a deliquescent substance’.

State the importance of water for all general uses.

Name or state the following:

A deliquescent salt of a trivalent metal.

Differentiate between the following:

Natural water and treated water

What happens when a spoonful of sugar, sawdust, and soil are added to a glass of water?

Which are the three states of water?

If, at some place, it did not rain for a very long period of time, what would be its effect on the life of the people there?

True or false? Correct the wrong statement.

We get rainwater throughout the year.

Pour water from the ice tray into a kettle. Ask an elder at your home to heat the kettle and observe the mouth of the kettle when the water starts boiling.
What do you see?

Name the process which is responsible for the formation of droplets on the surface of a glass of cold drink. _______

Unscramble the words and fill in the blanks.

  • ondencsaonti ______
  • vaeionorpat ______
  • ecippitatrino ______

Suggest some ideas to save rainwater in your school.

Water is the most ________ resource on the Earth.

_____ is a type of rainwater harvesting.

37% of our brain‛s mass consists of water.

Which state government made rain water harvesting mandatory in the year 2001?

What is needed to construct a rain water harvesting pit?

________ of water is in oceans and seas.

Around 97% of water available on earth is ______ water.

Water levels in rivers increase greatly during ______.

Condensation results in the formation of dew on grass.

Sea water can be used for irrigation as such.

Write a few slogans of your own on the topic “Save Water”

Look at the map of Tamilnadu showing annual rainfall and answer the questions given below

  1. Identify the districts that get only low annual rainfall in Tamilnadu.
  2. Identify the districts that get a medium annual rainfall in Tamilnadu.
  3. State the districts that enjoy high annual rainfall in Tamilnadu.

Water changes to ice at ______.

Water is colourless, odourless and _______.

______ plays a vital role in the evolution and survival of life.

Mountains helps to regulate the temperature of our earth.

Nitrogen is used for the treatment of drinking water.

Among the given options, which one is not correct for the use of large amounts of fertilisers and pesticides?

Total earth’s surface covered by water is

Rivers from land, add minerals to seawater. Discuss how?

How is the life of organisms living in water affected when water gets polluted?

In the coastal areas, wind current moves from the sea towards the land during the day; but during the night it moves from land to the sea. Discuss the reason.

Which of the following does not show water shortage?

On which of the following day is World Water Day observed?

“Every Drop Counts” is a slogan related to

State whether the following statement is True or False. If false, write the correct statement

Ice is solid whereas snow is the semi-solid form of water.

What is the source of water in each of the following?


Match Column I with Column II

Column I Column II
(a) Groundwater (i) The solid form of water
(b) Bawri (ii) Wastage of water
(c) Snow (iii) Water management
(d) Drip irrigation (iv) Small water
(e) Leaking taps (v) Water table

The jumbled word is given here. Write the correct form of each word.


The jumbled word is given here. Write the correct form of each word.


The jumbled word is given here. Write the correct form of each word.


From where do the following usually get water? In which form is water present in them?


From where do the following usually get water? In which form is water present in them?


From where do the following usually get water? In which form is water present in them?


Complete the following chart by writing appropriate words in the boxes marked (a) to (e).

An open-drain system is a breeding place for which of the following

Pick from the following one chemical used to disinfect water.

Animal waste, oil and urea are some of the organic impurities present in sewage. Name two more organic impurities present in sewage

Why should we not throw used tea leaves into the sink?

Match the items of Column I with the items of Column II with reference to sewage.

Column I Column II
(a) Inorganic impurities (i) phosphorus and nitrogen
(b) Organic impurities (ii) nitrates and phosphates
(c) Nutrients (iii) cholera and typhoid
(d) Bacteria (iv) pesticides and herbicides

Think and suggest some ways to minimise waste and pollutants at their source, taking your home as an example.

What is water?

In which one of the following state's water is present on Earth?

In which of the following activities will you use minimum amount of water?

Water in our tap comes from a

Wells are fed by

Look at Fig. 14.1.

Write down activities shown in this figure in which water is being used.

Write any two activities which require more than a bucket of water.

Write any two activities which require less than one bucket of water.

Why is there a need for conserving water? Give two reasons.

Fill in the blanks selecting words from the following list (snow, rain, clouds, vapour, evaporation, transpiration.) Water, as _____ goes into atmosphere by the processes of ______ and _____ and forms ________, which on condensation fall in the form of ______ and _______.

Dissolve two spoons of common salt in half a cup of water. Now if you want to get the salt back, what will you do?


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