Explain Virus Detection, Removal and Prevention - Computer Science 1


Explain Virus Detection, Removal and Prevention

Discuss Virus Detection, Virus Removal and Prevention Philosophies



(1) Virus detection
(i) Normally virus detection program checks integrity of binary files. It maintains a checksum on each file. At regular frequency detection program calculates checksum and matches with original one. If there is mismatch then that program may be infected.
(ii) Some programs reside in the memory and continuously monitor memory and I/O operations against virus.

(2) Virus removal 
There are some viruses whose bit pattern in the code can be predicted. The virus removal program scans the disk for the patterns of known viruses and on detection it removes them.

(3) Virus prevention
For prevention of virus the user can take the following precautions
(i) Always buy legal copies of software.
(ii) Take frequent backups of data
(iii) Run monitor programs frequently to detect virus.

Concept: Operating System
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