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Vinod - the Human Resource Manager, Umesh - the Assistant Manager and Ashok - the Marketing Head of Hitashi Enterprises Ltd. Decided to Leave the Company. - Business Studies

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Vinod - The Human Resource Manager, Umesh - The Assistant manager and Ashok - The Marketing Head of Hitashi Enterprises Ltd. decided to leave the company. The Chief Executive Officer of the company called the Human Resource Manager, Vinod and requested him to fill-up the vacancies before leaving the organization. Vinod suggested that his subordinate Rajesh is very competent and trustworthy. If he could be moved up in the hierarehy, he would do the needful. The Chief Executive Officer agreed for the same. Rajesh contacted 'Zenith Recruiters' who advertised for the post of marketing head for 'Hitashi Enterprises Ltd.'. They were able to recruit a suitable candidate for the company. Umesh's vacancy was filled-up by screening the database of unsolicited applications lying in the office.

a. Name the internal/external sources of recruitment used by 'Hitashi Enterprises Ltd.' to fill-up the above stated vacancies.

b. Also, state any one merit of each of the above identified source of recruitment

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a. Following are the internal/external recruitment sources used by ‘hitashi enterprises ltd’ to fill various positions

i. Promotion – The human resource manager was recruited using promotion. Promotion is an internal source of recruitment.

ii. Placement consultants – The marketing head was recruited through external source of placement consultants.

iii. Casual callers – Assistant manager was recruited using existing applications.

b. The following are the merits of above listed sources of recruitment.
i.  Promotion: It creates employee engagement and inspires the employee to perform better

ii. Placement Consultants: Placement consultants assist an organisation to acquire the necessary talent by providing their expertise in searching and attracting new talent.

iii. Casual Callers: Casual callers are already existing in the database of company and hence, it involves least cost to hire them as compared to other methods.

Concept: Staffing - Recruitment Process
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