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Views/Counterviews :Present the Counterviews on ‘‘Sports Should Be Optional in Schools.’’ You Can Use the Following Points from the View Section. - English

Answer in Brief

Views/Counterviews :
Present the Counterviews on ‘‘Sports should be optional in schools.’’ You can use the following points from the view section.

• More failures at S.S.C. occur in subjects like Maths and English.
• Difficult syllabus.
• Very little time for activities other than study.
• This causes stress and tension.
• Students tend to give up schooling altogether.
• Students have little sports background in schools.
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Sports should be optional in schools

Counterview: Sports are important in shaping up the overall personality of a pupil. The reasons for which sports should be made compulsory at school level are as follows:

• Sports make children more active and help in their physical fitness and we all know a healthy body gives rise to a healthy mind

• There are many children who might be excellent in sports but do not get the opportunity to enhance those skills. Making sports mandatory in schools will help those children prove themselves as sportsmen or sportswomen

• Having separate periods for sports removes boredom from their mundane studies and rejuvenates their mind and body

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