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Views/Counterviews :Present the Counterviews on “Should English Be Made an - English

Views/Counterviews :
Present the Counterviews on “Should English be made an optional subject in schools?’’ You can use the following points from the view section.

• City life is a fast changing life, adaptable and trendy.
• City life offers a person more opportunities for growth and development.
• Man can make rapid progress in a city.
• Social life and entertainment is better and wider.
• In a city there are better medical and educational facilities.
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Views/Counterviews :
• Read the views given carefully.
• Think logically and write your counterviews considering them.
• Express it politely, firmly and convincingly.
Marking Scheme :
* Proper beginning and conclusion. 01
* Appropriate vocabulary and grammar 01
* Expressing your opinion in good and lucid language with logical order 02
* Appealing and convincing thoughts. 01

Concept: Writing Skill
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