Very Short Answer Type Question:You are given a mixture of salt and sand. Can you separate them by picking? - Science

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Very Short Answer Type Question:
You are given a mixture of salt and sand. Can you separate them by picking?



No, we cannot separate them by picking.

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Differentiate between:
pure and impure substances

Tick the most appropriate answer.

 The different constituents of ink are separated by

A _______ is formed when one liquid is dispersed as tiny droplets throughout another liquid

Fill in the blanks.

Immiscible liquids are separated by using a ________.

Name two methods by which solid-solid mixtures can be separated.

How can you separate iron metal from non-magnetic impurities ?

Name the different types of chromatographic techniques.

Fill in the blank

Clay is separated from water by the method called ______

Suggest a suitable technique to separate the constituents of the following mixtures. Also give the reason for selecting the particular method.

Calcium carbonate and sodium chloride

Match the ideal method of separation of components in a mixture in List I with the appropriate process in List II.

List I List II
1. Sand from a mixture of sand and water A: Separating funnel
2. kerosene from a mixture of kerosene water B: Sublimation
3. Alcohol from a mixture of methyl alcohol and water C: Filtration
4. Naphthalene from a mixture of naphthalene and lead chloride D: Distillation
5. Pure water from impure water E: Fractional distillation

Name the following:

The non-sublimable solid from a mixture of iodine and potassium nitrate.

Name the following:

The heavier liquid component from mercury and water.

Name the following:

The lower boiling point component from methyl alcohol and water.

Name the following:

The compound containing one atom of sulphur and two atoms of oxygen.

State any one method – to separate the following mixtures – A liquid-gas mixture containing – a gas dissolved in a liquid component.

Explain with diagram the process used to – separate the following substance from the given mixtures - Sulphur from a mixture of – sulphur & copper.

Explain with diagram the process used to – separate the following substance from the given mixtures - Lead carbonate [insoluble] from a mixture of – lead carbonate & water.

Give a reason for the following statement :

Centrifugation can be used for separating an insoluble heavier solid, present in an – insoluble solid-liquid mixture.

Give a reason for the following statement :

Zinc is considered an element, while zinc sulphide is considered a compound.

Very Short Answer Type Question:
What types of material can we separate by using handpicking?

How can husk or fine dust particles be separated from rice before cooking?

Why do we separate mixtures?

How can you separate a large quantity of tiny bits of paper mixed with pulses/dal?

Using suitable apparatus from your laboratory separate the mixture of chalk powder, mustard oil, water, and coins. Draw a flow chart to show the separation process.

Malar’s mother was preparing to cook dinner. She accidentally mixed ground nuts with urad-dhal. Suggest a suitable method to separate the two substances so that Malar can have ground nuts to eat.

Visit a nearby paddy field and rice mill and note down the different separating techniques used there. Is technology replacing some traditional practices?

Name the apparatus that you will use to separate the components of mixtures containing two,

  1. miscible liquids,
  2. immiscible liquids

Name the components in each of the following mixtures.

  1. Ice cream
  2. Lemonade
  3. Air 
  4. Soil

How will you separate sand and water from their mixture?

A mixture of milk and water can be separated by filtration.

A mixture of powdered salt and sugar can be separated by the process of winnowing.

Lemonade is prepared by mixing lemon juice and sugar in water. You wish to add ice to cool it. Should you add ice to the lemonade before or after dissolving sugar? In which case would it be possible to dissolve more sugar?

What is meant by separation?

What are the steps involved in the separation of sand, salt, and water?

Match the following

  Column A   Column B
1. Separation of salt from saltwater a. Magnetic separation
2. Separation of tea leaves from tea extract b. Evaporation
3. Separation of sand and iron filings c. Churning
4. Separation of butter from curds d. Filtration

Paheli asked for a glass of water from Boojho. He gave her a glass of ice cold water. Paheli observed some water droplets on the outer surface of the glass and asked Boojho how these droplets of water were formed. Which of the following should be Boojho’s answer?

State whether the following statement is true or false.

A mixture of wheat grains and wheat flour can be separated by sieving.

Match the mixtures in column I with their method of separation in column II.

(a) Oil mixed in
(i) Sieving
(b) Iron powder mixed with flour (ii) Hand picking
(c) Salt mixed with water (iii) Decantation
(d) Lady’s finger mixed with french beans (iv) Magnet
(e) Rice flour mixed with kidney beans (v) Evaporation

You are provided with a mixture of salt, sand, oil and water. Write the steps involved for the separation of salt, sand and oil from the mixture by giving an activity along with the diagram. 

A mixture of iron nails, salt, oil and water is provided to you. Give stepwise methods to separate each component from this mixture.

Name the two phases in the separation of the mixtures in chromatography.


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