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Verbal to Non-verbal :Read the Following Paragraph About ‘The Causes of Pollution and the Possible Solutions’ and Tabulate the Same Information. - English

Verbal to Non-verbal :
Read the following paragraph about ‘The causes of pollution and the possible solutions’ and tabulate the same information.
    Pollution is the contamination into the natural environment that causes adverse change. Pollution levels are increasing day by day. There are various reasons for it. Air pollution is caused chiefly by industrial pollutants and by increased levels of RSPM due to higher flow of vehicular traffic. Water pollution is caused to a large extent by industrial effluents and the immersion of POP idols. Sound pollution levels have increased due to blaring loudspeakers during festival time and increased volume of traffic.
       In order to solve the problems of air pollution, the chief method seems to be tree plantation. More and more citizens and NGO’s should take up green causes with civic authorities. We need to protect our forest and conserve our mangroves. In order to solve the problem of water pollution, we need to develop effective waste management techniques. Also eco-friendly idols should be used during festival time. An awareness by the general populace is very necessary to solve the problem of sound pollution. Strict enforcement of decibel levels during occasions and festival time by the police is a must.

Use the following table for your answer.

Pollution Caused by Solution
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Verbal to Non-verbal
• Read the paragraph carefully and sort out the important points.
• Incorporate the points in the given format.
• Use a pen/pencil to draw but write answers using a pen only.
• Do not add your own points in the information given.
Use the following table for your answer.

Pollution Caused by Solution
Air Industrial pollutants
Level of RSPM
Tree plantation, citizens and
NGO’s taking up green causes with
civic authorities, protecting forest,
conserving mangroves.
Water Industrial effluents,
POP idols
Effective waste management,
eco-friendly idols.
Sound Loudspeakers, increased
volume of traffic
Awareness by the general populace,
strict enforcement of decibel levels
by the police.

Marking Scheme
• Title                                             01
• Covering all points                     02
• Appropriate graphic/layout       01
• Overall presentation                  01

Concept: Writing Skill
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