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Various social evils that exist in big cities small towns villages. - English (Second/Third Language)

Long Answer

Various social evils that exist in

  • big cities 
  • small towns
  • villages.
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We can see many social evils existing around us. They get in the way of the country’s growth and development and lead to a disturbance in the society.
Some of the social issues that exist in the cities, small towns as well as villages are:

  • Domestic Violence:
    Domestic violence is any kind of aggressive or violent behaviour towards one’s wife/husband.
  • Female Foeticide:
    Female Foeticide is the termination of a pregnancy on the basis that the foetus is a female. It is one of the worst social evils that are prevalent in the cities, small towns and villages.
  • Dowry System:
    Dowry is a condition that needs to be met for the wedding to take place. It refers to the goods, cash or property that is given by the bride’s family to the bridegroom, his family or his relatives.
  • Gender Inequality:
    Gender inequality refers to the unequal treatment of people in different aspects, be it ethical, economic, social, emotional, legal, etc.
  1. There are a few social evils that are more common in the cities:
    a. Corruption
    b. Rapid Urbanisation
    c. Child Labour
    These social evils are common in cities due to a lot of population, fake and dishonest nature of some officials and improper treatment of children.
  2. Social evils that exist in small towns include: a. Poverty
    b. Illiteracy
    c. Child Marriage
    d. Blind Faith
    A large section of the rural population lives in poverty. The literacy rate in the villages is quite low due to lack of proper educational facilities and awareness about the importance of education. Child marriage and blind faith are a lot more common in the villages because many people are illiterate. They simply follow traditions and customs without having any logical reasons for them.
    Most of the social evils are connected to each other and they need to be wiped out to create an advanced, peaceful and united society.
Concept: Reading Skill [10th Standard]
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