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What is meant by positive and negative deviations from Raoult's law and how is the sign of ΔsolH related to positive and negative deviations from Raoult's law?


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Why does a solution containing non-volatile solute have higher boiling point than the pure solvent ?

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In non-ideal solution, what type of deviation shows the formation of maximum boiling azeotropes?

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The vapour pressure of water is 12.3 kPa at 300 K. Calculate vapour pressure of 1 molal solution of a non-volatile solute in it.

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Vapour pressure of pure acetone and chloroform at 328 K are 741.8 mm Hg and 632.8 mm Hg respectively. Assuming that they form ideal solution over the entire range of composition, plot ptotalpchloroform’ and pacetone as a function of xacetone. The experimental data observed for different compositions of mixture is.

100 ×xacetone 0 11.8 23.4 36.0 50.8 58.2 64.5 72.1
pacetone /mm Hg 0 54.9 110.1 202.4 322.7 405.9 454.1 521.1
pchloroform/mm Hg 632.8 548.1 469.4 359.7 257.7 193.6 161.2 120.7
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State Raoult’s law for the solution containing volatile components

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