Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 6th Standard
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Using your imagination, and information from other sources, describe any one stall in detail. - English

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Short Note

Using your imagination, and information from other sources, describe anyone stalls in detail.

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I went to the stall dealing with the adulteration of food. There were quite a number of parents in front of this stall, and I was curious to see what was being explained. The stall had an attractive poster at the entrance. It said, 'Do you know what you are eating?' Then it told us about the presence of adulterants in the food we eat. how widespread adulteration is, and how it affects our systems. There were a variety of other charts put up around the stall. They told us of the adulterants that were present in the common food items that we used every day - like milk, oil, spices. etc. and how to detect them.

The four pairs of students in the stall had different foodstuff in front of them. The first pair had chilli powder - adulterated chilli powder in one bowl and pure chilli powder in another bowl. There was a beaker of water kept handy. Then they showed the audience a simple way to test for artificial colouring. You merely added the chilli powder to the water. If it was pure, the water did not change colour. If it was adulterated. the artificial colorants descended as colour streaks.

The other three pairs dealt with

  1. the testing of green peas for artificial colour
  2. the testing of asafoetida (bing) for starch and
  3. the testing of powdered spices for starch. The tests were extremely simple but effective. They could easily be done at home. If the testing was more complicated, the details were given in the charts. The harts were clear and interesting and the students were very confident and thorough bout their subject. Everyone was impressed.
Concept: Reading Skill (6th Standard)
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Balbharati English 6th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 3.7 At the Science Fair
Exercise | Q 7 | Page 80
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