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Using the E° Values of a and B, Predict Which is Better for Coating the Surface of Iron E°(Fe+2/Fe) = -0.44v to P - Chemistry


Using the E° values of A and B, predict which is better for coating the surface of iron [E°(Fe+2/Fe) = -0.44V] to prevent corrosion and why?

Given: E° (A+2/A)=-2.37 V: E°(B+2/B)= -0.14V





E°(A+2 / A) = 2.37 V

E°(B+2 / B) = -0.14 V

`E_(cell)=E_(cell)^@ - (0.0591)/n log  [Cr^(3+)]^2/[Fe^(2+)]^3`
                                                                     (Nernst Equation)
`0.261 = E_(cell)^@ = 0.0591/6 log  [0.001]^2/[0.001]^3`

`0.261 = E_(cell)^@ - (0.591 xx 2)/6`

`E_(cell)^@ = 0.2807V`




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2015-2016 (March) All India Set 2 C


On calculating the strength of current in amperes if a charge of 840C (coulomb) passes through an electrolyte in 7 minutes, it will be

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

The charge of how many coulomb is required to deposit 1.0 g of sodium metal (molar mass 23.0 g mol-1) from sodium ions is -

  1. 2098
  2. 96500
  3. 193000
  4. 4196

96500 coulombs correspond to the charge on how many electrons?

Write any four applications of electrochemical series

State the first law of electrolysis

Number of faradays of electricity required to liberate 12 g of hydrogen is:

Following reactions occur at cathode during the electrolysis of aqueous sodium chloride solution:

Na+(aq) + e ⟶ Na (s) E0 =  2.71 V

H+(aq) + e ⟶ `1/2`  H2 (g) E0 = 0.00 V

On the basis of their standard reduction electrode potential (E0) values, which reaction is feasible at the cathode and why?

If a current of 0.5 ampere flows through a metallic wire for 2 hours, then how many electrons would flow through the wire?

Consider the reaction: Cr2O72--+ 14H+ + 6e- -> 2Cr3+ + 7H2O What is the quantity of electricity in coulombs needed to reduce 1 mol of Cr2O72- ?

Arrange the following metals in the order in which they displace each other from the solution of their salts.

Al, Cu, Fe, Mg and Zn

Predict the products of electrolysis of the following:

An aqueous solution of AgNO3with platinum electrodes.

Predict the products of electrolysis in each of the following:

A dilute solution of H2SO4with platinum electrodes.

Predict the products of electrolysis in each of the following:

An aqueous solution of CuCl2 with platinum electrodes.

Three electrolytic cells A,B,C containing solutions of ZnSO4, AgNO3 and CuSO4, respectively are connected in series. A steady current of 1.5 amperes was passed through them until 1.45 g of silver deposited at the cathode of cell B. How long did the current flow? What mass of copper and zinc were deposited?

Write any two uses of H2SO4

Draw neat labelled diagram of electrolytic refining of blister copper

What is the ratio of volumes of H2 and O2 liberated during electrolysis of acidified water?

(A) 1 : 2

(B) 2 : 1

(C) 1 : 8

(D) 8 : 1

State second law of electrolysis

Explain Faraday’s second law of electrolysis

How many faradays of electricity are required to produce 13 gram of aluminium from aluminium chloride solution? (Given: Molar mass of Al = 27.0-gram mol–1)

How much quantity of electricity in coulomb is required to deposit 1.346 × 10-3 kg of Ag in 3.5 minutes from AgNO3 solution?
( Given: Molar mass of Ag is 108 × 10-3 kg mol-1 )

According to Faraday’s First Law of Electrolysis, the amount of chemical reaction which occurs at any electrode during electrolysis by a current is proportional to the ____________.

What will happen during the electrolysis of aqueous solution of \[\ce{CuSO4}\] by using platinum electrodes?

(i) Copper will deposit at cathode.

(ii) Copper will deposit at anode.

(iii) Oxygen will be released at anode.

(iv) Copper will dissolve at anode.

Consider the figure and answer the following question.

Cell ‘A’ has ECell = 2V and Cell ‘B’ has ECell = 1.1V which of the two cells ‘A’ or ‘B’ will act as an electrolytic cell. Which electrode reactions will occur in this cell?

Time Required to deposite one millimole of aluminium metal by the passage of 9.65 ampere through aqueous solution of aluminium is

When during electrolysis of a solution of Ag No3, 9650 coulombs of charge pass through the electroplating bath, the mass of silver deposite on the cathode will be:-

Given `1/a` = 0.5 CM–1, R = 50 ohm, N = 1.0 then equivalent conductance of electrolytic cell is

On Electrolysis of dilute sulphuric acid using platinum electrodes, the product obtained at the anode will be.

The quantity of electricity needed to separately electrolyse 1 M solution of ZnSO4, AlCl3, and AgNO3 completely is in the ratio of ______.

Through an aqueous solution of an unknown salt of metal M (M = 200 g/mol) a current of 1.93 A is passed for 50 min. If 4 g of metal is produced at cathode. The charge on metal ion in solution is ______.

A current of 4 amp was passed for 2 hours through a solution of copper sulphate when 5.0 g of copper was deposited. The current efficiency is ______% (Cu = 63.5).

On passing electricity through nitrobenzene solution, it is converted into azobenzene. The mass of azobenzene is ______ mg, if the same quantity of electricity produces oxygen just sufficient to burn 96 mg of fullerene (C60


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