Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 5th Standard
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Use your brain power! What will happen to our solar system if the sun were to suddenly disappear? - Environmental Studies 1

Short Note

Use your brain power!

Suppose you want to give your address to a friend you have on the planet Mars. How will you write your address if you want them to understand exactly where you live?

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Kamlesh Dubey
Naveen, Babubagwe Road,
Malad (West), Mumbai-400 095,
State of Maharashtra, India. Continent of Asia, Earth. (3rd planet) Solar system, Milky way.

Concept: Planets
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Balbharati Environmental Studies 1 Maharashtra State Board 5th Standard
Chapter 1 Our Earth and Our Solar System
Exercises | Q 2. (2) | Page 5
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