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Use Graph Paper to Answer the Following Questions. (Take 2 Cm = 1 Unit on Both Axes) Plot the Points A( -4, 2) and B(2, 4) A' is the Image of a When Reflected at the Y-axis. Plot It on the Graph Paper and Write the Coordinates of A'. B' is the Image of B When Reflected on the Line Aa'. Write the Coordinates of B'. Write the Geometric Name of the Figure Aba'B'. Name a Line of Symmetry of the Figure Formed - Mathematics

Use graph paper to answer the following questions. (Take 2 cm = 1 unit on both axes)

1) Plot the points A( -4, 2) and B(2, 4)

2) A' is the image of A when reflected at the y-axis. Plot it on the graph paper and write the coordinates of A'.

3) B' is the image of B when reflected on the line AA'. Write the coordinates of B'.

4) Write the geometric name of the figure ABA'B'.

5) Name a line of symmetry of the figure formed

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Consider 1 unit on the graph to be 2 cm.

1) Plotting points A(–4, 2) and B(2, 4) on graph paper as follows:

2) The coordinates of A’ will be (4, 2).

3) The coordinates of B’ will be (2, 0).

4) The figure formed is the kite-shaped quadrilateral.

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