Use Euclid'S Division Algorithm to Find the Hcf of 255 and 867. - Mathematics


Use Euclid's division algorithm to find the HCF of 255 and 867.



The given numbers are 255 and 867. 
Now 867 > 255. So, on applying Euclid's algorithm we get
867=255×3+102">867 = 255 × 3 + 102
Now the remainder is not 0 so, we repeat the process again on 255 and 102
255=102×2+51">255 = 102 × 2 + 51
The algorithm is applied again but this time on the numbers 102 and 51
102=51×2+0">102 = 51 × 2 + 0
Thus, the HCF obtained is 51.

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