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Use the Above Words and Expressions in Meaningful Sentences of Your Own. You May Use More than a Sentence to Bring Out the Meaning Clearly. - English Core

Answer in Brief

Use the above words and expressions in meaningful sentences of your own. You may use more than a sentence to bring out the meaning clearly.

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1. It costs much if one dines in a swanky hotel . 

2 . Seema told everything about her career with candour . 

3. To become an IAS officer for a son of a rickshaw puller is , indeed , a far cry . 

4 . Mohan's stealing my valet seems to me stranger than fiction . 

5 .  I had been promoted to a senior scale after 15 years but due to  a clerical error I was shown dismissed . It was like being back to square one for me .

6 . The Principal blessed the outgoing students of class XII wishing them progress by leaps and bounds. 

7 . No one can stop you from becoming a spin bowler if you have inherent qualities to becomes one . 

8 . A.R . Rahman is , indeed , a great music maestro .  

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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