Solution - State the Universal Law of Gravitation - Universal Law of Gravitation



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State the universal law of gravitation


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If you compare the gravitational force on the Earth due to the Sun to that due to the Moon, you would find that the Sun’s pull is greater than the Moon’s pull. (You can check this yourself using the data available in the succeeding exercises). However, the tidal effect of the Moon’s pull is greater than the tidal effect of Sun. Why?

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How does the force of gravitation between two objects change when the distance between them is reduced to half?

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If the moon attracts the earth, why does the earth not move towards the moon?

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What happens to the force between two objects, if the distance between the objects is doubled and tripled?

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The earth and the moon are attracted to each other by gravitational force. Does the earth attract the moon with a force that is greater or smaller or the same as the force with which the moon attracts the earth? Why?

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Solution for question: State the Universal Law of Gravitation concept: Universal Law of Gravitation. For the course 8th-10th CBSE