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In U. C. M (Uniform Circular Motion), prove the relation `vec v = vec w xx vec r`, where symbols have their usual meanings.



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An aircraft executes a horizontal loop of radius 1.00 km with a steady speed of 900 km/h. Compare its centripetal acceleration with the acceleration due to gravity.

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A cyclist is riding with a speed of 27 km/h. As he approaches a circular turn on the road of radius 80 m, he applies brakes and reduces his speed at the constant rate of 0.50 m/s every second. What is the magnitude and direction of the net acceleration of the cyclist on the circular turn?

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Read each statement below carefully and state, with reasons, if it is true or false:

The velocity vector of a particle at a point is always along the tangent to the path of the particle at that point

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A particle rotates in U.C.M. with tangential velocity V along a horizontal circle of diameter ‘D' . Total angular displacement of the particle in time 't' is..........

(a) vt

(b) (v/D)-t

(c) vt/2D

(d) 2vt/D


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