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Under Which Head and How Are the Following Items Shown in the Balance Sheet of a Company Under Schedule Iii: - Accountancy


Under which head and how are the following items shown in the Balance Sheet of a company under Schedule III:

(i) Calls-in-Arrears;  (ii)  Share Application Money Pending Allotment; (iii) Unpaid Dividend; and (iv) Dividend not paid on Cumulative Preference Shares?

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Items Head Disclosure
 Calls-in-Arrears  Shareholder’s Funds  It is shown as a deduction from
 Subscribed Capital shown as
 ‘Subscribed but not fully paid’
 under Shareholder’s Funds
 Share Application Money
 Pending Allotment
 Share Application Money
 Pending Allotment
 It is shown as a separate line item
Unpaid Dividend  Current Liabilities  It is shown as ‘Other Current
 Liability’ under Current Liabilities
 Dividend not paid on Cumulative
 Preference Shares
 Contingent Liabilities and
 It is shown as Contingent
 Liabilities and Commitments in
 Notes to Accounts
Concept: Concept of Financial Statements
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TS Grewal Class 12 Accountancy - Analysis of Financial Statements
Chapter 1 Financial Statements of a Company
Exercise | Q 9 | Page 66
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