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Explain cavitation effect. - BE Civil Engineering Semester 1 (FE First Year) - Applied Physics 1

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Explain cavitation effect. 


:- Liquids contains microscopic bubbles of size 10-9m to 10-8m. ultrasonic waves propagates longitudinally through liquids. The molecules of the medium moves back and forth
in the direction of propagation of the wave. This movement induces alternate regions of compression and rare fraction. A decrease in pressure at the area of rarefaction causes local boiling of the liquid. This causes an intense evaporation in the bubbles and the bubbles grow in size. The growth of the bubbles leads to their collapse within a very short span of one millisecond. The collapse of numerous bubbles results into a large number of shockwaves due
to which the local temperature increases by about 104℃. The shock waves develop high
crushing power of the liquid due to which the cavitation effect has applications like.
⦁ Ultrasonic cleaning.
⦁ Emulsification.
⦁ Alloy formation.
This method is also called as agglomeration.

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Solution Explain cavitation effect. Concept: ultrasonic cleaning(cavitation).
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