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Identify the Wrong Pair in the Following, Correct It and Rewrite. - History and Political Science

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ConceptTypes of Sports Outdoor Games


Identify the wrong pair in the following, correct it and rewrite. 
Mallakhamb – Outdoor game based on physical skills
Water polo – Water sport
Skating –  Adventurous ice sport
Chess – Outdoor game


1) It is correct. The game Mallakhamb was inspired by watching monkeys while they leaped and played on trees. Therefore it is categorized as an outdoor game based on physical exercise and acrobatics and other physical skills.

2) It is correct. The sport is played in water between two teams in which the goal of each team is to score by throwing the ball into opposite teams’ goal.

3) It is correct. Skating is one of the adventurous ice sport which is played on the sheet of ice. People love to experience the adventure involved in skating on the frozen water surfaces like that of a pond river or a lake.

4) It is incorrect. Chess is an indoor game. It is played between two opponents sitting opposite to each other with a chess board in between. It does not require an open environment to play rather one can play chess in a closed space by sitting at one place throughout the match.

Correction:- Chess - indoor game

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Solution Identify the Wrong Pair in the Following, Correct It and Rewrite. Concept: Types of Sports - Outdoor Games.
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