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Two Samples ‘M’ and ‘N’ of Slaked Lime Were Obtained from Two Different Reactions. the Details About Their Composition Are as Follows: - Science and Technology

Answer in Brief

Two samples ‘m’ and ‘n’ of slaked lime were obtained from two different reactions. The details about their composition are as follows: 

‘sample m’  mass : 7g
Mass of constituent oxygen : 2g
Mass of constituent calcium : 5g
‘sample n’ mass : 1.4g
Mass of constituent oxygen : 0.4g
Mass of constituent calcium : 1.0g
Which law of chemical combination does this prove? Explain.

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As it is mentioned already:
Sample m Mass :7g
Mass of constituent oxygen :2g
Mass of constituent calcium :5g
Sample n Mass :1.4g
Mass of constituent oxygen :0.4g
Mass of constituent calcium:1.0g

Out of all the laws of chemical combination, this is proved by "Law Of Constant Proportion".
Law Of Constant Proportion states that "The proportion by weight of the constituent elements in various samples of compound is fixed in ratio".

for e.g: In sample m, the ratio of proportion of elements (calcium:oxygen) is 5:2
Ca:O =5:2
for e.g: In sample n, the ratio of proportion of elements (calcium:oxygen) is 1.0:0.4
Ca:O =1.0:0.4
On simplifying the ratio proportion by mass, we get the same values which verifies "The Law Of Constant Proportion".

Concept: Chemical Formulae of Compound : Recapitulation
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Balbharati Science and Technology 9th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 4 Measurement of Matter
Exercise | Q 6 | Page 57
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