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Two Prisms of Identical Geometrical Shape Are Combined with Their Refracting Angles Oppositely Directed. the Materials of the Prisms Have Refractive Indices 1.52 and 1.62 for Violet Light. - Physics


Two prisms of identical geometrical shape are combined with their refracting angles oppositely directed. The materials of the prisms have refractive indices 1.52 and 1.62 for violet light. A violet ray is deviated by 1.0° when passes symmetrically through this combination. What is the angle of the prisms?

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Let A be the angle of the prisms.

Refractive indices of the prisms for violet light, μ1 = 1.52 and μ2 = 1.62

Angle of deviation, δ = 1.0°

As the prisms are oppositely directed, the angle of deviation is given by

δ = (μ2 − 1)A − (μ1 − 1)A

δ = (μ2 −μ1 )A

\[A = \frac{\delta}{\mu_2 - \mu_1} = \frac{1}{(1 . 62) - (1 . 52)} = \frac{1}{0 . 1}\]

\[ \Rightarrow A = 10^\circ\]

So, the angle of the prisms is 10.

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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 20 Dispersion and Spectra
Q 7 | Page 442
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