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Two Poles of Height 6 M and 11 M Stand Vertically Upright on a Plane Ground. If the Distance Between Their Foot is 12 M, the Distance Between Their Tops Is(A) 12 M (B) 14 M (C) 13 M (D) 11 M - Mathematics


Two poles of height 6 m and 11 m stand vertically upright on a plane ground. If the distance between their foot is 12 m, the distance between their tops is


  • 12 m

  •  14 m

  • 13 m

  • 11 m

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Given: Two poles of heights 6m and 11m stand vertically upright on a plane ground. Distance between their foot is 12 m.

To find: Distance between their tops.

Let CD be the pole with height 6m.

AB is the pole with height 11m, distance between their foot i.e. DB is 12 m.

Let us assume a point E on the pole AB which is 6m from the base of AB.


AE = AB − 6 = 11 − 6 = 5 m

Now in right triangle AEC, Applying Pythagoras theorem

AC2 = AE2 + EC2

AC2 = 52 + 122                  (since CDEB forms a rectangle and opposite sides of rectangle are equal)

AC2 = 25 + 144

AC2 = 169

`AC= 13cm`

Thus, the distance between their tops is 13m.

Hence correct answer is `C`.

Concept: Triangles Examples and Solutions
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RD Sharma Class 10 Maths
Chapter 7 Triangles
Q 8 | Page 132
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