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Two Point Sources of Sound Are Kept at a Separation of 10 Cm. They Vibrate in Phase to Produce Waves of Wavelength 5.0 Cm. What Would Be the Phase Difference Between the Two Waves Arriving at a Point - Physics


Two point sources of sound are kept at a separation of 10 cm. They vibrate in phase to produce waves of wavelength 5.0 cm.  What would be the phase difference between the two waves arriving at a point 20 cm from one source (a) on the line joining the sources and (b) on the perpendicular bisector of the line joining the sources?

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Separation between the two point sources ∆x = 10 cm
Wavelength λ = 5.0 cm


\[\text { Phase  difference  is  given  by: }\] 

\[  \phi = \frac{2\pi}{\lambda} ∆ x\] 

\[So, \] 

\[\phi = \frac{2\pi}{5} \times 10 = 4\pi\]

Therefore, the phase difference is zero.

(b) Zero: the particles are in the same phase since they have the same path.

Concept: Wave Motion
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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 16 Sound Waves
Q 10 | Page 353
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