Two Copper Spheres of Radii 6 Cm and 12 Cm Respectively Are Suspended in an Evacuated Enclosure. Each of Them Are at a Temperature 15°C Above the Surroundings. the Ratio of Their Rate of Loss of Heat is - Physics

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Two copper spheres of radii 6 cm and 12 cm respectively are suspended in an evacuated enclosure. Each of them are at a temperature 15°C above the surroundings. The ratio of their rate of loss of heat is.................

  1. 2:1
  2. 1:4
  3. 1:8
  4. 8:1
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(b) 1:4

r1 = 6 cm
r2 = 12 cm
T1 = T2 = 15°C
Ratio of loss of heat is




Concept: Heat and Temperature
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2014-2015 (March)



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