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Two Coins Are Tossed Simultaneously. Find the Probability of Getting at Most 1 Headat Most 1 Head. - Mathematics

Short Note

Two coins are tossed simultaneously. Find the probability of getting at most 1 headat most 1 head.

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When two coins are tossed simultaneously, all possible

outcomes are HH, HT, TH and TT.

Total number of possible outcomes = 4

Let E be the event of getting at most one head.

Then, the favourable outcomes are HT, TH and TT.

Number of favourable outcomes = 3

  ∴ P (getting at most 1 head)  = `"Number of favourable outcomes"/ "Total number of possible outcomes" = 3/4 `

Concept: Concept Or Properties of Probability
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RS Aggarwal Secondary School Class 10 Maths
Chapter 15 Probability
Exercise 15A | Q 3.2 | Page 686
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