Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 9th Standard
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Two Boxes in Different Hemispheres Are Given in the Following Diagram. the Idl Passes Through Both the Boxes. in One Box,The Meridian, Day and Date is Given - Geography and Economics

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Two boxes in different hemispheres are given in the following diagram. The IDL passes through both the boxes. In one box,the meridian, day and date is given. Find the day and date for the other box.

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The earth rotates 360° in 24 hours, which means 15° in 1 hour.

360° = 24hours, then 360°/24hours = 15°.

Therefore in 1°, the earth takes 4 minutes.

60minutes/15° = 4 minutes. 1° = 4 minutes

The earth moves from west to east, therefore from 0° to east the time will be ahead and from 0° to the west the time will be behind

(A) When the 150° W Meridian is Monday and 15th August then 150° E Meridian is Tuesday and the date will be 16th August.

• This is because from moving from west to east the change in 1° will add 4 minutes to the area.

• Then the movement from 150° W Meridian to 150° E Meridian, the change is 300°. Therefore the 150° E is 20hrs ahead.

• According to the International Date Line (IDL), the person travelling from West to East should add a day. Therefore 150° E will be 16th August, Tuesday.

(B) When the 170° E Meridian is Sunday 25th December then 80° W Meridian will be 24th December Saturday.

• The movement from east to west will reduce the time. By moving 1° there will be a decrease in 4 minutes.

• Then the movement from 170° E Meridian to 80° W Meridian will be 16 hrs behind.

• But according to International Day Line (IDL) person travelling from west to east should reduce a day. Therefore the date at 80° W meridian will be 24th December, Saturday.

Concept: International Date Line
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Balbharati Social Science Geography 9th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 7 International Date Line
Exercise | Q 1 | Page 62
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