Social Science: Democracy and Diversity - Communal Divisions Affect Democracy

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Suggest any five political reforms to strengthen democracy.

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Some of the reforms to strengthen the working of political parties are as follows:

Anti defection law, under which a member would be disqualified if he/ she goes against the directions of the party.

Reduction in the influence of money. Cash votes have been banned by the election commission and anybody involved in the process is likely to be punished. 

It is important for a candidate to file an affidavit giving details of his property and eliminate cases pending against him/ her.

The election commission has made it necessary for political parties to hold their organisational elections and file their income tax returns

A law is strictly advisable to make or regulate the internal affairs of political parties. It should be made mandatory for political parties to give a minimum number of tickets, about one-third, to women candidates.

Concept: Communal Divisions Affect Democracy
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2013-2014 (March) Delhi Set 3

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