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'Trees are sacred my grandmother used to say'– what does the poet imply by this line? - English Elective - NCERT

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Short Note

'Trees are sacred my grandmother used to say'– what does the poet imply by this line?

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There are many legends surrounding the sheoga, the oudumber, the neem, and most of all the banyan tree. These are considered mythologically relevant and holy in Hinduism. Old folk who are deeply religious consider it sin to cut down these trees as they are to be worshipped according to the holy scriptures. They even say that if one brings neem or peepal down by felling them they are cursed with ill fate. There are plenty of stories in our mythology that fear and plague our society with as many superstitions as possible. Thus, the poet is merely trying to convey the fears and religious beliefs of old folk like his granny.

Concept: Reading Skill
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NCERT Class 11 English (Elective Course) - Woven Words
Chapter 2.1 Felling of the Banyan Tree
Understanding the Poem | Q 3 | Page 133
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