"Traditional Harvesting System is a Useful System to Conserve and Store Water." Highlight the Importance of this System with Two Examples. - Social Science

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"Traditional harvesting system is a useful system to conserve and store water." Highlight the importance of this system with two examples.



The process by which rainwater is collected and stored either to recharge the groundwater or for use in the future is known as rainwater harvesting. The method or setup used for rainwater harvesting is known as a rainwater harvesting system.

The rainwater on the roofs of the buildings is collected through canals that drain the water into ground reservoirs. This stored water is later utilized.

  • They recharge the groundwater.

  • They can be used for drinking and other domestic purposes.

  • Water can be used throughout the year.

  • Reduce stormwater discharges, urban floods and overloading of sewage treatment plants.

  • Reduce seawater ingress in coastal areas.

  • They act as water for irrigation.

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