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Track the Changes in Methods of Animal Classification. How the Methods of Animal Classification Changed Over the Time? - Science and Technology 2

Track the changes in methods of animal classification. How the methods of animal classification changed over the time?

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- Formation of groups and sub-groups of animals depending upon similarities and differences is called as animal classification.
-Animal classification has been changed from time to time in the sequence as mentioned below-
- Artificial method: Aristotle, Theophrastus, Pliny, JohnRay, Linnaeus
- Natural method: Morphology, Cytology, Chromosomes, Biochemistry,
- Method based on evolution: Dobzhansky, Mayer.
- Five kingdom: Robert Whittaker
- New method: base on criteria like-body organization, body symmetry, germ layers, body cavity, segmentation.

Concept: Traditional Method of Animal Classification
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