"Tomorrow We Shall Break the Salt Tax Law" on 5 Apri11930, Mahatma Gandhi Spoke at Dandi :- When I Left Sabarmati with My Companions for this Seaside Hamlet of Dandi, I Was Not Certain in My Mind that We Would Be Allowed to Reach this Place. Even While I Was at Sabarmati There Was a Rumour that I Might Be Arrested. - History


"Tomorrow we shall break the salt tax law"

On 5 Apri11930, Mahatma Gandhi spoke at Dandi :-

When I left Sabarmati with my companions for this seaside hamlet of Dandi, I was not certain in my mind that we would be allowed to reach this place. Even while I was at Sabarmati there was a rumour that I might be arrested. I had thought that the Government might perhaps let my party come as far as Dandi, but not me certainly. If someone says that this betrays imperfect faith on my part, I shall not deny the charge. That I have reached here is in no small measure due to the power of peace and non-violence: that power is universally felt. The Government may, if it wishes, congratulate itself on acting as it has done, for it could have arrested every one of us. In saying that it did not have the courage to arrest this army of peace, we praise it. It felt ashamed to arrest such an army. He is a civilised man who feels ashamed to do anything which his neighbours would disapprove. The Government deserves to be congratulated on not arresting us, even if it desisted only from fear of world opinion. Tomorrow we shall break the salt tax law. Whether the Government will tolerate that is a different question. It may not tolerate it, but it deserves congratulations on the patience and forbearance it has displayed in regard to this party... What if I and all the eminent leaders in Gujarat and in the rest of the country are arrested? This movement is based on the faith that when a whole nation is roused and on the march no leader is necessary.

(CWMG) vol. 49 Collected works of Mahatma Gandhi

  1. Why did Gandhiji start the Dandi March?
  2. Why was Salt March notable?
  3. The power of peace and non-violence are universally felt'. Why did Gandhiji said so?


1. Gandhi started the Dandi March to break the Salt Laws and create awareness among the masses related to the exploitative salt laws. He also wanted to arouse the nationalist sentiments among the people.

2. The Salt March was notable for the following reasons:-

  1. It brought Gandhi into the limelight. The March was widely covered by the American and European press.
  2. It was the first nationalist activity in which women participated in large numbers.
  3. The movement also challenged the British and gave them the warning that the British rule would not last forever in India.

3. Gandhi said so because he was able to bring the Indian National Movement into the limelight of the world because of his policies of peace and non-violence.

Concept: The Nature of Gandhian Politics and Leadership
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