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To Test a Leaf for Starch, the Leaf is Boiled in Water to (1) _________. It is Then Boiled in Methylated Spirit To (2) ________. The Leaf is Dipped in Warm Water to Soften It. It is Placed in a Petri Dish, and (3) _____ Solution is Added. the Region of the Leaf Which Contains Starch, Turns (4) ________And the Region While Does Not Contain Starch, Turns (5) __________. - Biology

Complete the following paragraph by filling in the blank (1) to (5) with appropriate words:

To test a leaf for starch, the leaf is boiled in water to (1) _________.  It is then boiled in Methylated spirit to (2) ________. The leaf is dipped in warm water to soften it. It is placed in a petri dish, and (3) _____ solution is added. The region of the leaf which contains starch, turns (4) ________and the region while does not contain starch, turns (5) __________.

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1) to kill the cells

2) remove the chlorophyll

3) Iodine solution

4) blue-black in colour

5) brown

Concept: Photosynthesis - Food Making Process in Plants
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