To Know the Opinion of the Students About the Subject Statistics, a Survey of 200 Students Was Conducted. the Data is Recorded in the Following Table. - Mathematics

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To know the opinion of the students about the subject statistics, a survey of 200 students was conducted. The data is recorded in the following table.

Opinion Number of students
like 135
dislike 65

Find the probability that a student chosen at random

(i) likes statistics, (ii) does not like it

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Total number of students = 135 + 65 = 200

(i) Number of students liking statistics = 135

`"P(Students liking statistics) "=135/200=27/40`

(ii) Number of students who do not like statistics = 65

`"P(Students not liking statistics) "=65/200=13/40`


Concept: Probability - an Experimental Approach
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Chapter 15: Probability - Exercise 15.1 [Page 284]


NCERT Class 9 Maths
Chapter 15 Probability
Exercise 15.1 | Q 7 | Page 284

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