To Determine the Approximate Value of the Focal Length of a Given Concave Mirror, You Focus the Image of a Distant Object Formed by the Mirror on A Screen. the Image Obtained on the Serene, as Compared to the Object is Always - Science

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To determine the approximate value of the focal length of a given concave mirror, you focus the image of a distant object formed by the mirror on a screen. The image obtained on the serene, as compared to the object is always:

(a) Laterally inverted and diminished

(b) Inverted and diminished

(c) Erect and diminished

(d) Erect and highly diminished

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(b) inverted and diminished
Images obtained on the screen are always diminished and inverted in nature

Concept: Concave Mirror
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2015-2016 (March) All India Set 3

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