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To Construct a Barometer, a Tube of Length 1 M is Filled Completely with Mercury and is Inverted in a Mercury Cup. - Physics


To construct a barometer, a tube of length 1 m is filled completely with mercury and is inverted in a mercury cup. The barometer reading on a particular day is 76 cm. Suppose a 1 m tube is filled with mercury up to 76 cm and then closed by a cork. It is inverted in a mercury cup and the cork is removed. The height of mercury column in the tube over the surface in the cup will be


  • zero

  • 76 cm

  • > 76 cm

  • < 76 cm

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< 76 cm
Because of the trapped air, the pressure at the upper end of the mercury column inside the tube is not zero.
In other words, P0 > 0.
Using this relation, we get:
Patm = P0 + ρgh
ρ = Density of mercury
h = Height of the mercury column
∵ P0 > 0
Patm > ρgh
∴ 76 cm of Hg >ρgh
or, h < 76 cm

Concept: Excess of Pressure Across a Curved Surface
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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 13 Fluid Mechanics
MCQ | Q 11 | Page 272
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