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To Be an Effective Counsellor, It is Mandatory that She/He Undergoes Professional Training. Do You Agree with this Statement? Give Reasons in Support of Your Arguments. - Psychology

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To be an effective counsellor, it is mandatory that she/he undergoes professional training. Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons in support of your arguments.

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Psychologist must be a trained professional. If he/she is not trained then he/she can do more harm than any good.

Training is a prerequisite for developing a competent counsellor. To develop competencies, psychologists must undergo proper training and education under guided supervision.

The consequences of getting into a wrong vocation are pretty serious. If a person enters a job, for which he/she does not have requisite aptitude, he can develop serious problems of adjustments, develop negative emotions, etc.

Social workers, marriage counsellors, family therapists, psychologists, student counsellors all have their ethical codes and ascribe minimum educational and professional qualifications. Awareness of ethical standards, codes and proper training is extremely important because counselling is a part of the service sector. Not following the ethical and professional standards may have legal implications.

Concept: Counselling Skills
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NCERT Class 12 Psychology Textbook
Chapter 9 Developing Psychological Skills
Exercise | Q 7 | Page 194
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