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Tiger is the National Animal of India. the Number of Tigers is Decreasing Day by Day. the Situation is Similar to Elephants - Geography

Answer in Brief

Tiger is the national animal of India. The number of tigers is decreasing day by day. The situation is similar to elephants.

Find information about such plants and animals?

Find about their habitats?

What should be done to conserve these animals?

In which regions can this be done?

Make a presentation of their possible places.

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The animals and plants which are on the verge of extinction are called Endangered species.

Endangered animals:

Animal Habitat
1. One-Horned Rhinocerous The Himalayan foothills of India it can be spotted in Kaziranga National Park, Dudhwan Tiger reserve, Probitora Wildlife Sanctuary.
2. Nilgiri Tahr The Tropical rainforests of the Western Ghats and it can be spotted in Nilgiri hills, Animallai hills, Periyar wildlife sanctuary.
3. Bengal Tigers Deciduous forests, tropical evergreen forests, thorn forests and grass jungles and can be spotted in Tadoba National park, Jim Corbett National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Bandhavgarh National park.
4. Asiatic Lions Sasan Gir jungle area and can be spotted only in Gir National park.
5. Blackbucks or the Indian Antelopes Plains, Grasslands and scrubs and can be spotted in Ranthambore National park, Corbett National park, Kanha National park. 
6. Lion Tailed Macaque Tropical forests of the Western ghats and can be supported in Silent Valley National park, Mundanthural Tiger Reserve.

Endangered Plants:

Plant Scientific name  Region
Malavuram Pterospermum reticulatum Tamil Nadu
Ebony Tree Diospyros Celebica Karnataka
Malabar Lily Chlorophytum malabaricum Tamil Nadu
Spider Wort Belosynapsis vivipara Madhya Pradesh
jeemikanda Ceropegia Odarata Gujarat and Rajasthan

Causes for the decline in the population of flora and fauna:

Illegal human activities such as poaching, hunting and destruction of the natural habitats of these plant and animal species are the major reasons.

Steps to conserve the endangered species:

The following are some of the steps that can be taken to conserve the rich flora and fauna of India from getting extinct:

  1. Creating awareness among the public about the importance of animals and plants.
  2. Making sure that the laws regarding wildlife are implemented properly.
  3. Visiting national parks.
  4. A boycott of products made of animal skin, leather and horns etc.,
  5. Afforestation.

Many wildlife habitats can be created in hilly and mountainous regions where we can find dense forests gifted by nature.

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Balbharati Social Science Geography 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 5 Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
Intext Questions | Q 1 | Page 36
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