Through which hole the animals in this phylum give out water from their body? - Science and Technology 2

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Through which hole the animals in this phylum give out water from their body?




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Chapter 6: Animal Classification - Solve the following questions


SCERT Maharashtra Question Bank 10th Standard SSC Science and Technology 2 Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 6 Animal Classification
Solve the following questions | Q 10.2


Identify me.

Though I am multicellular, there are no tissues in my body. What is the name of my phylum?

Answer the  question by choosing correct option.

 Which special cells are present in the body of sponges (Porifera)?

Spongilla bears numerous pores on their body. What are those pores called?

According to the course of animal evolution, which phylum is at the lowest level?

Through which hole the animals in this phylum take water in their body?

Write a short note.

Collar cells

True (or) False. If false write the correct answer.

Classification helps to know the origin and evolution of an organism

The skeletal framework of Porifera is ______.

Comment on the aquatic and terrestrial habits of amphibians.

Identify a member of porifera

The skeletal framework of the phylum Porifera is made up of ______.

A true body cavity is located within ______.

Tissue organization can be seen in phylum Porifera.

Name the locomotory organs seen in phylum protozoa.

Body having meshwork of cells, internal cavities lined with food filtering flagellated cells and indirect developments are the characteristics of phylum

Classification of phylum Porifera is primarily based on

Given below are types of cells present in some animals. Which of the following cells can differentiate to perform different functions?

Match the column A with column B and choose the correct option

Column I Column II
A. Porifera i. Canal system
B. Aschelminthes ii. Water-vascular system
C. Annelida iii. Muscular pharynx
D. Arthropoda iv. Jointed appendages
E. Echinodermata v. Metameres

Fill up the blank spaces appropriately

Phylum/Class Excretory Organ Circulatory Organ Respiratory Organ
Arthropoda     Lungs/Gills/ Tracheal System
  Nephridia Closed Skin/parapodia
  Metanephridia Open  
Amphibia   Closed Lung


An animal having canal system and spicules

Sponges have special cells present on their body, they are known as ______ cells.

Name the asexual reproductive structures of Sponges.


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