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Three Rigid Rods Are Joined to Form an Equilateral Triangle Abc of Side 1 M. Three Particles Carrying Charges 20 μC Each Are Attached to the Vertices of the Triangle. the Whole System is - Physics


Three rigid rods are joined to form an equilateral triangle ABC of side 1 m. Three particles carrying charges 20 μC each are attached to the vertices of the triangle. The whole system is at rest in an inertial frame. The magnitude of the resultant force on the charged particle at A is.


  • zero

  • 3.6 N

  • 3.6`sqrt3` N

  • 7.2 N

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Using, Fnet = ma,
a = 0 ⇒ Fnet = 0
As the whole system is at rest, the resultant force on the charged particle at A is zero.

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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 5 Newton's Laws of Motion
MCQ | Q 8 | Page 77
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