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Three Identical Cars A, B and C Are Moving at the Same Speed on Three Bridges. the Car a Goes on a Place Bridge, B on a Bridge Convex Upward and C Goes on a Bridge Concave Upward. - Physics


Three identical cars A, B and C are moving at the same speed on three bridges. The car A goes on a place bridge, B on a bridge convex upward and C goes on a bridge concave upward. Let FA, FB and FC be the normal forces exerted by the car on the bridges when they are at the middle of bridges. 


  • FA is maximum of the three forces. 

  • FB is maximum of the three forces. 

  • FC is maximum of the three forces. 

  • FA = FB = FC

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FC is maximum of the three forces. 

At the middle of bridge, normal force can be given as : \[\text{N}_\text{A} = \text{mg}\]

\[\text{N}_\text{B} = \frac{\text{mv}^2}{\text{r}} - \text{mg}\]

\[ \text{N}_\text{C} = \frac{\text{mv}^2}{\text{r}} + \text{mg}\]

So, FC is maximum.

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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 7 Circular Motion
MCQ | Q 11 | Page 113
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